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Go beyond sales per square foot.
With Ark.

Ark Marketplace brings new experiences and shoppers, revenue, and margins to retailers and landlords.

The marketplace

Experiential Retail is Rising.

Experiential retail that acquires, engages, and delights customers has emerged as the complement to e-commerce’s convenience, becoming the fastest growing area of retail.

The marketplace

Reinvent Experience in Your Stores.

As a retailer or landlord, drive new revenue by opening a marketplace for experiential retail, growing foot traffic by introducing new and innovative brands, and expanding margins as demand for space grows.

The marketplace

How it Works.

The Ark Marketplace Platform is an enterprise software and hardware solution to manage experience-driven marketplaces in physical spaces.

Retailers and landlords can charge brands to showcase products in valuable marketplace placements, manage consignment inventory, analyze customer engagement, monetize the marketing value of their space, and expand retail  margins.

Ark Marketplace


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We power the world’s first marketplaces for physical retail, uniting brands entering physical retail with the best space in the world. Ark Marketplace is driving engagement, generating revenue, and growing margins at b8ta stores, world-class malls, major department stores, and pop-up tours wherever shoppers gather.

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Give Brands A New Platform

Stores today are serving as story-telling platforms for brands rather than sales channels: product discovery and sales happen in different places. We are at the very beginning of the age of experiential retail, a post e-commerce era that will change the way retailers and landlords curate, and profit from, the interactions between brands and consumers.

Scale With Us

Ark Marketplace has driven over 50 million product engagements, launched more than 1,000 brands, and driven millions of dollars in profitable revenue . We power square footage across the world, servicing and consulting with retailers, landlords, and brands in categories from electronics to toys, apparel to cosmetics, and more.

Monetize Your Space

Marketplaces enable retailers and landlords to drive net-new revenue by efficiently connecting brands with consumers through new and engaging shopping experiences and products. With Ark Marketplace, running an experiential marketplace is the best way to maximize the value of your space.

Grow with Data Driven Insights

As part of your service, you’ll offer brands control and transparency over their retail placements, and couple it with unique data and insights driven by Ark Marketplace software and hardware. Ark Marketplace introduces the world’s first GDPR-compliant application for retailers and brands to co-manage customer data and insights.

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Join the world’s most innovative brands building retail experiences with Marketplace.